Both alcohol-based antibacterials and Hands2GO are 99.99 percent effective. But here are a few reasons why our active ingredient wins out over alcohol:

Alcohol-Free Hands2GO Alcohol-Based
Moisturizing to skin Drying to skin
Leaves skin's natural oils/fatty acids intact Strips away skin's natural oils/fatty acids
Moisturizes skin to minimize bacteria Attracts bacteria to small cuts in dry skin
Nonirritating Causes irritating, burning sensation
Safe, nontoxic in small amounts Poisonous if ingested by toddlers
Nonflammable Flammable
Fragrance-free Possesses a strong odor
Applies smoothly and uniformly Sticky, tacky, drippy

Alcohol is the cheapest antibacterial agent, especially when sold in bulk to a large manufacturer. When it comprises at least 62 percent of the final product, alcohol is certainly effective in killing germs, but at what cost to our health? These cleansers have a higher concentration of alcohol than vodka. Besides the risks of accidental poisoning and fire, alcohol strips away your body's natural oils, leaving your skin unprotected. These natural oils do not get replenished simply by adding moisturizers, as many alcohol-laden products claim.