Once Upon a Time…

It all began in 1997 in the kitchen sink of Francine Glick…

As a working mom, concerned about the well-being of my family, I was committed to maintaining a healthy environment. Like so many American mothers, I strived for that perfect balance of family and career. But knowing how to protect my own health was just not good enough anymore. My kids were bringing colds home from school; coughing and sneezing would make its way through the whole family. From softball to volleyball to play practice to birthday parties and carpools, hand-washing with soap and water wasn’t always an option. So I looked for a more convenient way – only to discover that the main ingredient in most travel-friendly antibacterials was alcohol. This was not the solution I had hoped for. The alcohol gels were sticky, smelly and drying to the skin. Not to mention the fact that they burned any open cuts and scrapes. How could I expect my children to use a product that made them cringe?

So I did what any mother would do. I set out to develop an effective, moisturizing, natural hand sanitizer. It wasn’t easy, but with a business degree and a family, it made sense for me to go down this path. After researching many possibilities, I discovered the gentler antibacterial agent that I was looking for. Combined with natural moisturizers in a water-based formula, the solution–smarter than existing products–satisfied my “mom” requirements.

Fifteen years later…
Our team has grown significantly and the uniqueness of Hands2GO has earned two U.S. patents. Although we are not experimenting in the kitchen sink any more, our company retains the same philosophy: What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies. Going forward, we will continue to innovate, improve and look out for the best interests of our customers.


Francine Glick


Mompreneur, inventor, foodie, francophile, yoga enthusiast, founder of Water Journey, inventor of Hands2GO, natural, alcohol-free hand sanitizer.